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Danielle DiMartino Booth

For the past 3 years publisher of the acclaimed weekly Money Strong investing newsletter

Former Advisor to the President and CEO of the Dallas Fed during the Great Recession

Best Selling Author of Fed Up, a behind the scenes firsthand look into the Federal Reserve

Top 10 Voice on LinkedIn, 2016, 2017, 2018

Current Regular Commentator on CNBC, Bloomberg and Fox Business.

Regular contributor to Bloomberg View

International speaker on finance, investing and economics

Former daily Global Financial columnist for the Dallas Morning News

VP Credit Suisse/Donaldson Lufkin Jenrette, where she researched and wrote the firm’s weekly financial market commentary distributed to CEOs and CFOs nationwide

"Danielle DiMartino Booth served as my eyes and ears on the Street when I was President and CEO of the Dallas Fed. I relied on her ability to mine intelligence from her diverse network. Danielle was gifted in reading between the lines to discern what wasn’t being said.  I value her insight to this day."

- Richard Fisher, Former President and CEO of The Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas.