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The Daily Feather is a forward-looking snapshot of the most pressing developments on the macroeconomic and investing fronts. The QI team collaborates to pinpoint where the economy is in the cycle – expanding, inflecting or contracting. Retail investors, institutional investors, traders and hedge funds utilize the timeliness of the Feather to anticipate movements in the markets and position themselves nimbly and profitably.


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Online access to 2 year archive of Daily Feathers

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QI Pro includes access to the Daily Feather and short-to-medium term investible takeaways in the daily Quick QuillQI Pro also features

  • Weekly Quill — Our flagship publication. A long-form deep analysis, medium-to-long-term strategy report published since Danielle followed Dallas Fed President Richard Fisher into retirement from the Fed in June 2015.
  • The QI Interview Series —  A long-form analytical dive into our interviews with people such as Double Line's Jeffery Gundlach and Zelman's Dennis McGill. Roughly quarterly.
  • Saturday Intelligence Briefing – one-pager portfolio positioning on where investors need to be positioned for the week ahead.
  • QICYMI – links to major media appearances that week, top 10 news articles as chosen by her, and highlights from our research.
  • QI Pro Dashboard — a webpage exclusively for our QI Pro clients; it carries a running list of our market calls from all our reports and a 'heads-up' display to Danielle's real-time intelligence. That real-time intelligence can also be viewed through our private Twitter account and/or Bloomberg.
  • Access to full QI Archives — all published reports from the past two years, including the Weekly Quill.
  • Quarterly Conference Calls with Danielle DiMartino Booth — often scheduled two days before FOMC announcements.