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The Daily Feather is a forward-looking snapshot of the most pressing developments on the macroeconomic and investing fronts. The QI team collaborates to pinpoint where the economy is in the cycle – expanding, inflecting or contracting. Institutional investors, traders and hedge funds utilize the timeliness of the Feather to anticipate movements in the markets and position themselves nimbly and profitably.


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Quill Intelligence Professional offers our full suite of products that will give you the insight advantage you need to start the date. Included in that package, The Weekly Quill provides a deep analysis into a broad range of subject matters ranging from the Federal Reserve, global monetary policy, earnings season, asset allocation strategy, commercial and residential real estate, private equity, public pensions and every aspect of the growing fixed income markets. The aim of the Quill is to help investment managers and chief investment officers position their portfolios for the medium and long-term.


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